Turning back the clock will not work for America

The theme of today’s Republican National Convention is Make America Work. The speakers scheduled for the evening include a who’s who list of career politicians who have bent over backwards for big polluters and sought at every opportunity to obstruct progress. OEC Action Fund Director, Aryeh Alex issued the following statement in response to today’s theme.

“Making America Work is a worthwhile goal but based on the language of the Republican platform and its presumptive nominee, it appears to be little more than a catchy slogan backed up by empty promises and false truths.

If the goal was to truly make America work, Donald Trump would embrace the Clean Power Plan which will create 96,000 net new clean energy jobs while curbing carbon emissions and lowering asthma rates.

Ohio has been the backbone of the American economy for generations and it is poised to lead the transition to a 21st Century clean energy economy, but Ohioans need a leader in the White House that works to support innovation rather than outdated technologies that pollute our air and accelerate climate change.”