The Donald could learn a thing or two from Governor Kasich

This week all eyes are on Cleveland, Ohio as the city hosts the RNC and the Republican Party formalizes its nomination of Donald Trump for President. Right now, Cleveland is full of visitors from across the country, more reporters than what you’ll see at the Super Bowl, American flags, funny hats, and signs about the coming apocalypse (not joking). But there’s one thing you won’t see inside the convention hall - an appearance from Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich.

 Trump’s campaign has taken numerous shots at Gov. Kasich for the snub, as have others in the Grand Old Party who are looking to quash perceptions of disunity. When pressed about this bold decision in an MSNBC interview Kasich said, “I'm just here because I'm standing on the things that I believe are best for the country.”

We think that’s pretty awesome, and are proud that our Governor is choosing to stand his ground against the dangerous rhetoric and plans Trump has for the United States. 

Gov. Kasich represents a very different Republican Party than that of Trump, and the majority of Ohio Republicans prefer the Governor’s version. Gov. Kasich has often demonstrated a willingness to find common ground on tough issues while Trump has spread nothing but division. As Trump claims an ability to “Make America Great Again,” he’s offered nothing but regressive meme-worthy  “policies” for getting us there.

One of the clearest areas where the extremist Trump and the more sensible Kasich differ is on the environment. So, Trump, take some notes. Here are the top ways you could learn from Gov. Kasich:   

1. Drinking water protections

Gov. Kasich just led Ohio in passing the most protective lead in drinking water protections in the country. After the village of Sebring, Ohio experienced a smaller scale version of the tragedy in Flint, Michigan, Gov. Kasich got to work, putting the health of Ohioans first.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump says we don’t need the “Department of Environmental.” Lest you think he wasn’t serious about this, check out what the Republican Platform has to say about the US EPA. 

2. Clean energy

Gov. Kasich has made many strong statements in favor of clean energy. In response to a legislature-led effort to repeal Ohio’s Clean Energy Law, Kasich said “that’s unacceptable.” We’re still waiting for a decision on the future of Ohio’s clean energy standards, but are hopeful Gov. Kasich will follow through with his positive words. Afterall, he’s the candidate who said he’d like to see wind turbines outside of every statehouse in America!

The Donald on the other hand, fought tooth and nail to kill a wind farm development in view of his Scotland golf resort - he lost, woo!

While Gov. Kasich embraces clean energy, the Donald is talking about reviving a dying coal industry, a dirty, old fashioned, and economically-disastrous choice. Those are probably the same kinds of choices that landed him in bankruptcy court...four times.

Yes, yes you are.

3) Climate change

Gov. Kasich believes humans are affecting the climate. This may seem like a low bar for anyone who cares about the environment, but compared to Trump’s assertion that climate change is just a “hoax,” Gov. Kasich is operating from a much more informed and reasonable position.

Gov. Kasich has said he’s seen the effects of climate change with his own two eyes while on trips to Glacier National Park with his wife. During his Presidential bid, he didn’t offer concrete steps toward addressing climate change, but he has referenced a need to develop “all of the renewables,” not just as a way to address our climate impact, but because it makes good business sense.   

These are just some of the reasons we support Gov. Kasich’s decision to stand apart from Trump. Share this post if you’re behind the Governor, too!