The environment takes center stage at DNC

While the Republicans praised the oil and gas industries at their convention in Cleveland — scarcely even mentioning the words “climate change” — the Democrats have been busy in Philadelphia this week talking about the importance of environmental issues.

A film titled “Not Reality TV,”  a work of “Titanic” director James Cameron, was shown at the DNC on Wednesday night. The five minute video depicted scenes of wildfires, droughts and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to show the disastrous effects of climate change, and the need for urgent action.

Featuring big names like Jack Black, America Ferrera, Don Cheadle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Pope Francis, the film argued that Trump’s view of climate change as a “hoax” is dangerous and problematic. Hillary Clinton voiceovers followed the video’s attack on Trump as she promised to make America a leader in clean energy and vowed that “together we can do this, for our future, for our children.”

When introducing the video at the convention, actress Sigourney Weaver expressed her support for Clinton, saying she is the right candidate to “take a stand against climate change.”

Another video called “She’s With Us: Voices of Flint” showed the struggles of the local people in Flint Michigan’s Water Crisis and documented Clinton’s effort to aid the community. Following the film, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver commended Clinton for her dedication to the issue. 

Calling Trump a “fraud” for his comments on the environment, California Governor Jerry Brown denounced republicans for their record on climate change and supported Clinton.

On Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders also discussed the environmental crisis calling for a world that is “healthy and habitable for our kids and future generations.” Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts spoke against large fossil fuel companies and praised Clinton for including environmental concerns in her campaign. Discussing Clinton’s goal to make America run totally on renewable energy, Jeff Mark, Oregon senator, spoke highly of her platform and dedication to the environment.

Almost every major speaker at the DNC has mentioned the importance of tackling climate change and the need for the US to be a leader in our world’s clean energy future. Environmental protection is rightfully center stage, and we’re hopeful that these inspiring words will lead real action.

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