What You Will and Won’t Hear Tonight at the DNC

Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton will formally accept the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. During her speech and those before her, there are several important things we can expect to hear and, importantly, several things we will not. Below are OEC Action Fund Director Aryeh Alex’s predictions.

“Tonight we will hear a candidate who is ready to tackle the threat of climate change and unleash the potential of Ohio, and America’s clean energy economy.

At last week’s Republican National Convention, we heard a lot of wacky conspiracy theories and tired, outdated notions on energy and the environment.

Unlike last week, tonight we will hear how America can continue to move forward and become a clean energy superpower by investing in innovation and the manufacturing prowess of places like Ohio. 

That’s a welcome and important conversation America is ready to have, and one Ohio is poised to benefit from. I look forward to hearing from someone who is serious about our opportunity to build a 21st Century economy rather than someone who wants to take is back to the dark ages.”