Setting The Record Straight

Recently, Ted Strickland was attacked by a Republican Super-PAC for speaking at an event sponsored by environmental groups who support acting on climate change and transitioning to a clean energy economy. In response to these attacks, the OEC Action Fund wanted to set the record straight. 

Ted Strickland is the rare politician that not only acknowledges that climate change is real, but has taken decisive action to help resolve it. In 2008, then-Gov. Strickland won the near-unanimous support of a Republican state legislature to require electric utility companies to invest in wind and solar power and energy efficiency. 

The results speak for themselves: nearly $500 million in consumer savings. 89,000 new jobs - 20,000 of those in Southern Ohio. More than 49,000 tons of dangerous pollution prevented each year. Ohio can lead the clean energy future and reap the benefits of great homegrown jobs - or we can play catch up because our leaders ignore the market-driven transition that is already happening away from coal.  


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