Jim Renacci was just endorsed by one of the most anti-environment politicians in history

If you’re a pro-environment voter in Ohio, this year’s U.S. Senate race is one you have to pay attention to. Senator Sherrod Brown, who has a near-perfect lifetime League of Conservation Voters score, is running against Congressman Jim Renacci, who has a terrible record on clean energy, protecting Lake Erie, and public land protection.

It’s no wonder that he got President Trump’s stamp of approval. President Trump says he needs “Jim very badly to help our agenda…” which includes one of the most aggressive rollbacks to federal public lands protections in the history of our nation. The Trump Administration has tried to open national parks to oil and gas development, is attempting to rollback Clean Water and Clean Air Act protections, and is opening pristine wilderness areas, like the Arctic Refuge, to drilling.

This anti-environment agenda isn’t in keeping with Ohioans’ values and our love of public lands for hiking, fishing, and hunting!

Spread the word: a vote for Jim Renacci is a vote AGAINST Ohio’s environment.