Presidential Election

Gov. John Kasich declares support of renewables and energy efficiency on national stage

Ohio Gov. and republican presidential candidate John Kasich has made several bold statements on the campaign trail about clean energy. 

At a recent New Hampshire town hall forum, Kasich said he wanted to see a wind turbine outside of every statehouse in the United States. 

During yesterday's debate, Kasich responded to Senator Marco Rubio's typical "jobs vs. the environment," argument by saying what most reasonable people know: you can protect the environment and benefit the economy at the same time. 

"Now, it doesn't mean because you pursue a policy of being sensitive to the environment, because we don't know how much humans actually contribute. But it is important we develop renewables. Battery technology can unleash an entirely different world.
So the fact is that you can have a strong environmental policy at the same time that you have strong economic growth and they are not inconsistent with one another." 

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