The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund Announces Independent Actions Taken in Cincinnati Municipal Elections

Cincinnati, OH -- Over the last two weeks, the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund launched direct mail and digital ads to support a greener Cincinnati. We sent out two rounds of digital ads and mailers to support the campaigns of our endorsed candidates: John Cranley for Cincinnati Mayor, and Derek Bauman, Greg Landsman, and P.G. Sittenfeld for City Council.

You can view a few examples of these tactics below.

OECAF-1002-04_SlateMailer_v4 2.jpg
OECAF-1002-03_CranleyMailer_v5 2.jpg

These actions were not coordinated or authorized by any candidate or candidate’s campaign, and paid for independently.

Paid for by the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. 


OEC Action Fund Testimony Against HB 114

The world is undergoing a massive transition in how it generates, transports, manages and delivers electricity to homes, neighborhoods, and businesses. Consider that in 2015, global capacity for renewable energy surpassed that of coal for the first time ever in human history. About half a million solar panels were installed every day around the world in 2015. In 2015, China was installing two wind turbines every hour and continued that growth in 2016 to the tune of one turbine installation per hour.

Thanking Governor Kasich for Protecting State Parks and Public Lands

The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Sarah Spence, Director of Government Affairs at the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund:

“Today, the Governor vetoed a provision in the State Budget Bill that would have fast-tracked oil and gas leasing in state parks and public lands across Ohio. We thank Governor Kasich for standing up in defense of public lands that we all share in ownership. We cherish our state parks and state lands as places to hike, hunt, fish, and enjoy with our families, and the Governor’s veto keeps these lands safe from oil and gas development for the time being.

“The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund remains steadfast in our efforts to protect public lands across Ohio for use and enjoyment for future generations.”

Urging Governor Kasich to Veto Budget Bill’s State Lands Drilling Amendment

“This week, the Conference Committee working on Ohio’s budget submitted Amended Substitute House Bill 49 (H.B. 49) to Governor Kasich. The bill includes an amendment that eliminates the governor’s authority to appoint members of the Oil and Gas Leasing Commission (R.C. 1509.71), the state body charged with leasing state lands to the oil and gas industry. The bill would give the governor’s appointment authority to the Speaker of the Ohio House and President of the Ohio Senate. Governor Kasich has declined to appoint members to the Commission since its creation in 2011.

OEC Action Fund Testimony regarding the State Biennial Operating Budget (Substitute House Bill 49)

Chairman Jordan, Vice Chair O’Brien, and Members of the Ohio Senate Finance - General Government and Agency Review Subcommittee, my name is Sarah Spence, Director of Government Affairs for the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund (OECAF). Thank for the opportunity to speak to the committee today on substitute HB 49.

OEC Action Fund Testimony Regarding Proposed Zero Emission Nuclear bailout

Chairman Seitz, Vice Chair Carfagna, and Ranking Member Ashford; I am Trish Demeter, Managing Director of Energy Programs for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) Action Fund. Thank you for inviting testimony on Ohio House Bill 178 (DeVitis), which would create a create a Zero Emission Nuclear (ZEN) program for the state of Ohio. The OEC Action Fund is opposed to this legislation, as it would diminish customers’ ability to experience the benefits of energy efficiency and distributed energy resources on their monthly electric bill, and would incur costs on customers without yielding any additional environmental benefit for Ohioans.

OEC Action Fund President Heather Taylor Miesle shares her story and urges citizens to continue to demand forward motion on the environment

"This entire event is close to my heart. I grew up in the shadow of an oil refinery. My school was literally on the cliffs right above this refinery, and on windy days the pollution would flow into our playground. Most of my friends had inhalers. Many of them had cancer, and one day the parents started to talk and realize that this was not normal. And they started to organize, and they started to ask questions, and they started to demand action," Heather Taylor-Miesle began her speech at the Ohio 15th District Town Hall meeting on February 23.

What you need to know about the anti-clean energy bills moving through the Statehouse

What you need to know about the anti-clean energy bills moving through the Statehouse

Ohio Senate Bill 320 & Ohio House bill 554 holds Ohio back, increases electric bills, and puts Ohioans’ health at risk. When Ohio Senate Bill 310 was enacted in June 2014, the idea behind the two-year “freeze” on Ohio’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), and energy efficiency resource standard (EERS) was to study the standards costs and benefits, and to craft a sound energy policy for the state of Ohio. 

Lawmakers Considering Vote to Increase Electric Bills

A bill being rushed through the Ohio Legislature during the lame duck session could cause residential and small business electric bills to skyrocket. Senate Bill 320 and House Bill 554 will reduce cost effective energy efficiency targets, and allow special rate exemptions for big corporations, resulting in untold rate increases.

The Oberlin Project: Locals leading the way

The Oberlin Project: Locals leading the way

I ’m Max Schaefer, the OEC Action Fund’s newest staff member and the organization’s first field staff living in the great city of Lorain--right on the coast of Lake Erie. I am not a policy expert, my background is in politics and community engagement. But I don’t think you need to have background in environmental studies to realize that Oberlin, Ohio is a green city that puts the environment and sustainability at its forefront. Who is the catalyst behind this movement? The Oberlin Project.