The OEC Action Fund endorses candidates who represent the conservation and environmental values of Ohio communities. Our endorsements have a record of taking action to ensure safe air, clean water, and preservation of Ohio's outdoor heritage. We support candidates, regardless of party, who prioritize the health of our families and the future of our planet. We can't afford to be divided.

In the 2016 election, we are proud to endorse:


All of these candidates have proven themselves to be dedicated clean water and clean energy advocates. Lake Erie and the Ohio River are not just gems of Ohio's natural heritage, they are also critical parts of our economy and provide drinking water for millions of people. Both Rep. Ramos and Senator Gardner are committed to restoring Lake Erie. Senator Gardner sponsored the Clean Lake Erie Act to stop the harmful practice of dumping contaminated sediment into Lake Erie. Down south, Denise Driehaus aims to update overburdened sewer systems that are overflowing into the Ohio River and threatening the health of Hamilton County families.

Short-sighted lawmakers have caused Ohio to lag behind in the burgeoning clean energy economy. Rep. Ramos, Sen. Gardner, Denise Driehaus and Casey Weinstein are all invested in growing Ohio's renewable energy sector and attracting thousands of new jobs to Ohio. As an Air Force Veteran, Weinstein is particularly familiar with how energy independence and renewable energy leadership are pivotal to our position in global politics.

Please consider our endorsements and join us today to pledge to be a #ClimateVoter.