Founding 500

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Allysa Adams

Kara Afrates

Aryeh and Grace Alex         

Bob Allen

Mandy Allen

Marketa Anderson

Barbara Andreas and Dennis Cooke

Shelley Baldwin

Timothy Barhorst    

Thomas and Paula Bartlett          

Jonathan Basniak

Bob and Rosella Bear  

Linda Benner

Elizabeth Bernstein

Elizabeth Bolen

Annika Brock

Carrie Buckley  

Tom Bullock  

Vanessa Butler     

Miles Caldwell  

Charles Calhoun

Alyssa Call

V. Joan Campbell and Ben Branch            

Janice Capezzuto            

Denis Case and Margarita Apanius   

Sally Casey

Sue Casselman       

Barry Cik, Naturepedic

Emily Colosimo

Cathy Corbin

Jalila Dado

Andrew Dagg-Murry   

Lisa Dahill

Genevieve Dennison

Elizabeth Dery          

Keith Dimoff and Margaret Newell          

Janice Dixon      

Janis Dugle

Patricia Dunbar

John Elder       

Ruth Eppig         

Jill and Brandon Evans   

Tom and Laura Evans

Jessica Ferrato     

Mary Anne and Don Flournoy

Mike Foley

Kathleen Fortuna

Brock Fry    

E. Marianne Gabel and Donald Lateiner 

Claire Galed  

Eric Goldman

Bethany and Jordan Gray     

Daniel Gray       

Suzanne Gray 

Gloria Green and Walter Hales  

Peter and Joanne Griesinger

Susan Grundy     

Chris Haines      

Patricia Hammel  

Keith Hanlon

Kathryn Hanratty and Mike Nolan

Stephen Hartzell            

Ray and Pat Heithaus

Jill Henry   

Jeff Holland       

Kristen Holtvoight

Lowell Howard         

Mark Huffer, President Utmost Consulting, LLC. (Utmost Renovations)

Karen Jennings 

Mark Jensen     

Andrea Jones    

Jill Jordan           

Maryann & Roger Kafer

Willie Katzin and Katie Solender

Robert Kincses

Paul and Catherine Knoop

Samuel Koh

Melodee Siegel Kornacker           

Jonathan Krieg 

Julie Kronenberger

Calvin and Ilene Kunin

Paul and Carol Lamberger           

Luke Langhais   

Alan and Susan Lapp

Kayla Larick

Courtney Larry

Mary Lazarus

Matthew Lerch

Ryan Liddy

Andrea Lindsay

David and Amalie Lipstreu     

Bruce Lombardo

Latashia Love

Robert Lowenstein

James Lucot       

Krista Magaw and Andy Carlson

Mathias and Jacqueline Manner

John Marshall and Angela Plummer        

Aggie and Bill Martin  

Haileigh McClure   

Johanna and Joseph Meara        

Anthony and Irene Mehle

Bruce Merchant   

Laurenda and Jon Messer       

Andy Meyer  

Marcus Miller   

Graham and Sharon Mitchell      

Larry Mitchell

Meredith Morgan and Dave Herbster

Karen Mork  

Stephen and Amanda Morris      

Nolan Moser

Thomas Murray

Sally O'Callaghan    

Bill and Lynn Ondrey Gruber      

Colleen Orsburn              

Cynthia and David Osika

Joseph Panuto             

Linda Paul and Paul Bingle

Leah Peoples

Tiffany Porcenaluk

Maria Povsic           

Don Ralston  

Janet & William Reeves

Brewster Rhoads     

Carmen Rincones    

Norman Robbins        

Larry and Janet Robertson

Grant Rodarte

Brendan and Laura Ross

Rev. Nancy Roth

Ellen Rubin            

Dianne Russell and Christina Nichols       

Tracy Sabetta    

Pari Sabety and Mark Shanahan

Max Schaefer

Stephen Sedam and Virginia Weiss  

Peter Seidel

Katy Shanahan        

Rich and Kathy Shank    

Mike and Gena Shelton    

Michele Simmons and Josh Asbury

Richard Solis

Laura Spence

Heather Sprouse         

Mike Steinmaus

Bruce Stevenson and Kay Towers             

Ray Stewart       

Wendy Stewart

Susan Studer King and Jeremy King  

Antron Sykes

Allan Tate

Tom Traver      

David Trout        

Larry Trover       

Graham Tucker and Misha Barnes            

Dick Tuttle  

Robert Vertrees       

Mark Wallach    

Jane Walsh    

Cedric Ware     

Louise Warner and Clyde Gosnell             

Ryan Werder

Donald Wiggins, Jr.

Keith and Barbara Wilkowski