New Organization to Empower Ohioans to Protect Our Environment

Innovative Partnership to Hold Elected Officials Accountable - Elevate Environmental Issues

Ohio's environment will have a bold new champion with the launch today of the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund (OECAF). This new organization will hold decision makers accountable, put environmental issues front and center in the electoral process, and change the political dynamics that shape environmental policy making in Ohio.

"Ohioans want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink but party politics and industry influence dominate the Statehouse. It’s time to build the environmental movement in this state and demand our lawmakers act to benefit the health of our communities and environment" said Heather Taylor-Miesle, President of the OEC Action Fund.

The OECAF will work closely with the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) through an innovative partnership that will combine the power and resources of a national organization, with the community connections, knowledge, and long-term approach of a state-based group.

This bold new effort will create enduring, meaningful power that changes the dynamics around environmental policies in Ohio by:

  • Building infrastructure and programs that will yield immediate gains while building long term power.
  • Utilizing all of the tools available to make environmental issues less partisan by strategically deploying positive and negative accountability.
  • Bringing on experienced political strategists with proven track records to manage the organization and its campaigns. 

"Smart policies require smart politics," said Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters. "The OEC Action Fund has brought in top talent with a reputation for getting results, a strong political background, and deep commitment to environmental protection."

Gerrymandered districts and significant investments from out of state groups mean hyper political rhetoric that doesn’t accurately reflect the will of the majority of Ohioans.  As a result, change has been stagnant as money from the opposition inundates the public message.  Change will only come by building public support, deploying smart, effective strategies, and by engaging in a bipartisan way. 

"Ohio is essential and must lead on the issues that matter. The OEC Action Fund will work to build power in the Midwest, and restore environmental protection as a fundamental value of America’s heartland" said Aryeh Alex, Director of the OEC Action Fund.