Historic Nomination Offers Stark Contrast on Environment

Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton will formally accept the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. Both her candidacy and the stakes of this election are historic. Nowhere are the stakes more stark than the environmental positions taken by Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent, Donald Trump. In response to this stark contrast, OEC Action Fund Director Aryeh Alex issued the following statement.

“This November, voters have a clear choice between a candidate who takes the threat of climate change seriously and one who dismisses rising temperatures and extreme weather as some kind of hoax.

Ohioans have seen our Great Lake Erie choked with poisonous toxic algae, which scientists say will be more severe and more frequent as a result of climate change.

Across the Buckeye State, children are dealing with higher rates of asthma and Air Quality Advisories are being issued earlier and earlier in the year.

Ohioans know first hand that climate change isn’t some conspiracy theory and now more than ever, we need a leader in the White House who is ready to tackle the threat of climate change head on.”