Statement: The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund PAC Endorses Zack Space for Auditor of State

Columbus, Ohio -- The Auditor of State serves as Ohio’s top taxpayer watchdog, a position with broad authority to review all spending of taxpayer dollars. The Ohio Environmental Action Fund PAC believes that the Auditor of State can be our best ally in auditing and protecting environmental program funds, while shining the light on lost economic opportunities of a clean energy economy, which is why we endorse Zack Space for Auditor of State.

Growing up in eastern Ohio, Space saw firsthand the generational over-reliance on natural resource extraction that has stunted the development of a resilient, regional economy. As Auditor of State, Space will ensure that Ohio comes together on these issues, especially at the intersection of our environment, our economy and our public health. Space knows that clean air, water, and public lands are the building blocks of a healthy, thriving economy - not mutually exclusive of one another.

“The contrast between candidates on environmental issues couldn’t be clearer,” said Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund PAC President Heather Taylor-Miesle. “While Space’s opponent, Keith Faber, wants to keep Ohio’s renewable energy industry stifled, Zack understands that diversifying our energy portfolio and encouraging renewable energy investment is imperative for both the health of Ohio’s environment and a secure economic future.”

"For too long, corporate interests have controlled the self-interested politicians in the General Assembly, killing clean energy jobs and blocking billions in provable investments associated with new energy technologies,” said Zack Space. “As Auditor of State, I’ll shine a light on the corrupting influence of money in our politics, and hold accountable the politicians who have undermined our energy future to advance their political careers."

Space has also made the issue of redistricting a key focus of his campaign and understands that hyper-partisan legislative districts have disenfranchised and divided communities, polarizing our political landscape and making it incredibly difficult to reach compromise.

"Gerrymandering enables extremism and excludes millions of Ohioans from being properly represented in government,” said Space. “Ohioans have been disenfranchised and excluded from their government as a result of this hyperpartisan process for over a generation, and I will use my position on the Redistricting Commission to end gerrymandering by creating as many competitive legislative districts as possible.”

“Zack Space is balanced and fair. His experience working as a Public Defender and Congressman makes him acutely aware of the polarization our State is facing,” said Taylor-Miesle. “He’s seen the damaging effect that gerrymandering has had on our communities and the OEC Action Fund PAC is confident that he will work to find a solution.”

This November, we have a chance to vote for leaders who will help propel environmental policies forward. We look forward to supporting Space throughout his campaign and when in office, we will continue to work with him on issues that protect Ohio’s families.

Paid for by the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund PAC