Statement on HB6 Being Voted Out Of Committee without Ample Time for Debate or Amendments

Columbus, OH -- Just moments ago, Republicans on the Ohio House Energy and Natural Resources Committee forced a vote on House Bill 6, the nuclear bailout tax that now also funds a coal plant in Indiana on the backs of Ohio ratepayers. This party-line vote was called without giving Democrats the opportunity to offer amendments or hear from experts on the new omnibus amendment that was introduced less than 24 hours prior to the vote.

The following quote can be attributed in full or part to Miranda Leppla, Vice-President of Energy Policy for the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund:

House Bill 6 is a disastrous attempt to fleece Ohioans and use their hard-earned dollars to bailout two outdated nuclear plants and two coal plants--one of which is located in Indiana. The Republican-led bill is a stark contrast from the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Act introduced earlier today by the House Democrats, which would move Ohio toward cleaner air and economic prosperity."

Instead of offering time to debate and hear potential amendments, the chair forced a vote with no opportunity to hear legitimate criticism or opposition. Ohioans deserve better, and we urge members of the Ohio House to think long and hard about saddling Ohioans with bailing out the bad decisions made by FirstEnergy Solutions.