Statement from the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund On The House Passing a Disastrous Corporate Bailout in HB6

Columbus, OH—The following statement can be attributed in full, or in part, to Miranda Leppla, Vice-President of Energy Policy at the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund:

“Today, members of the Ohio House of Representatives forced through House Bill 6, a bill that will increase air pollution, and burden Ohioans with bailing two aging nuclear power plants and two coal plants - including one in Indiana. The House vote essentially dupes Ohioans into paying millions more on their electric bills for energy sources of the past, while simultaneously wiping out energy-saving efficiency programs and shutting out rapidly expanding opportunities in wind and solar energy - the two fastest growing job sectors in the nation.

“Ohioans deserve so much better. Today’s vote demonstrates that many Ohio Representatives chose the interests of big corporations over the health and pocket books of working families. HB 6 is nothing more than a ploy to bail out corporate utilities that want to continue to run old, dirty energy sources, under the guise of “clean air."

“While we are extremely disappointed in today’s vote, we are hopeful that the Ohio Senate and Governor DeWine stand up for Ohio families and those that will be most impacted by the increase in air pollution. We urge the Ohio Senate to reject HB 6 in its entirety, and to take a  comprehensive and measured approach to the issue of Ohio’s energy future.

“We applaud Minority Leader Sykes and key committee members Representatives Denson, O’Brien, Boggs, Leland, and Weinstein for fighting to stop this effort and for proposing a more holistic energy plan with the Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Act (House Bill 260)—a far superior plan that should be passed into law over the draconian HB6.

“As this terrible legislation moves forward, the OEC Action Fund, our partners from across the political spectrum, Ohio businesses, and more will be educating Ohioans on the negative impacts of this bill, and will fight to prevent this legislation from proceeding through the Senate in its current form. Ohio energy policy impacts the health of our kids and economy, and our state can’t afford to see House Bill 6 become law.”