Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund President to speak at U.S. Congressional District 15 town hall: Ohioans must demand environmental and public health protections from lawmakers

Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund President to speak at U.S. Congressional District 15 town hall: Ohioans must demand environmental and public health protections from lawmakers

OEC Action Fund President Heather Taylor-Miesle will join constituents in Congressional District 15, tonight, for a community-organized town hall meeting. Environmental protection will take center stage in the discussion.

Clean Energy Advocates Heat Up Efforts to Thaw Ohio’s Freeze on Renewable, Energy Efficiency Standards

Clean Energy Advocates Heat Up Efforts to Thaw Ohio’s Freeze on Renewable, Energy Efficiency Standards

A coalition of environmental groups and clean energy advocates are working together to send a strong message to the Ohio Legislature: “Thaw the freeze because Ohioans are watching.” Paid messages have covered billboards, radio, social and print media.

Already the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund has a high-profile billboard at

Broad and State streets sending the message to elected officials in the Ohio Statehouse:

OEC Action Fund Endorses Representative Steven Arndt for 89th District Ohio House Seat

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund (OEC Action Fund), announced today its endorsement of Representative Steven Arndt (R-Port Clinton) for the Ohio House of Representatives. Arndt is a pragmatic and principled leader who is passionate about addressing Lake Erie’s toxic algae blooms, solving climate change, and advancing a sound and balanced energy policy for Ohio.

OEC Action Fund Endorses Senator Randy Gardner for 2nd District Senate Seat

OEC Action Fund Endorses Senator Randy Gardner for 2nd District Senate Seat

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund (OEC Action Fund), announced today its endorsement of Senator Randy Gardner for the Ohio Senate. Gardner is a courageous champion for Ohio’s clean energy economy who has worked tirelessly to put forward innovative solutions to address the algal blooms that plague Lake Erie.

OEC Action Fund Endorses Rep. Ramos for 56th District House Seat

OEC Action Fund Endorses Rep. Ramos for 56th District House Seat

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund (OEC Action Fund), announced today their endorsement of Rep. Dan Ramos for the State Legislature. Ramos is longtime proponent of growing Ohio’s clean energy economy and has worked hard to address the causes of the toxic algal blooms that plague Ohio’s lakes and threaten our drinking water.

OEC Action Fund Endorses Driehaus for Hamilton County Commission

OEC Action Fund Endorses Driehaus for Hamilton County Commission

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund (OEC Action Fund), announced today their endorsement of Denise Driehaus for Hamilton County Commissioner. Driehaus is committed to fighting climate change, growing Ohio’s clean energy economy, and addressing environmental challenges like the Combined Sewer Overflows that threaten the health of our families and the mighty Ohio River.

Historic Nomination Offers Stark Contrast on Environment

Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton will formally accept the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. Both her candidacy and the stakes of this election are historic. Nowhere are the stakes more stark than the environmental positions taken by Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent, Donald Trump. In response to this stark contrast, OEC Action Fund Director Aryeh Alex issued the following statement.

Ted Strickland is Ready to Act on Climate Change


Statement on Ohio's US Senate race, in response to Jay Faison’s comments in Cleveland, from OEC Action Fund President Heather Taylor-Miesle

"Ted Strickland is ready to act on climate change, which is currently reeking havoc on Lake Erie along our north coast and in mighty Ohio River, is helping to drive up asthma attacks in children across the state, and putting Ohio’s economy behind as we watch surrounding states invest in the the future of energy instead of holding onto the past.  

Senator Rob Portman has had the opportunity to lead on climate in the Senate and it just hasn’t happened.  We need someone ready to change the debate.”

CHECK OUT: Ted Strickland's 77% LCV score: http://scorecard.lcv.org/moc/ted-strickland compared to Rob Portman's 20% score http://scorecard.lcv.org/moc/rob-portman

Trump Presidency Threatens to Divide Rather Than Unite America

Tonight the theme of the Republican National Convention is "Make America One Again.” The event will conclude with presumptive nominee Donald Trump formally accepting the nomination and addressing the nation.  In advance of tonight's speech, OEC Action Fund Director Aryeh Alex issued the following statement.

“If Donald Trump were truly concerned with “Making America One” he would stand with the 97 percent of scientists and the majority of the American public who acknowledge climate change is real and that we need to take action to address it.

Instead, his frequently inflammatory remarks, pollution-friendly policies, and refusal to take environmental issues seriously threatens to divide and weaken America rather than unite and strengthen it.”

Trump Presidency Would Make America First in Race to the Bottom

Tonight at the Republican National Convention, the lineup of speakers focused on the theme of "Making America First." The speakers included former primary campaign rivals, an oil company executive, and Trump running mate, Governor Mike Pence. In response to tonight's speeches, OEC Action Fund Director Aryeh Alex issued the following statement.

"The only thing a Trump Presidency promises is that America comes in first in a race to the bottom on developing clean and renewable energy and solving the challenges of climate change.
While Donald Trump talks a big game about being an outsider who will shake up Washington, his speakers, advisors, policies, and running mate represent the same tired positions that have sought to halt efforts to address climate change.

Donald Trump's running mate sat on his hands and allowed extremists in the legislature to pad the pockets of utility company executives by gutting energy efficiency programs that even he acknowledges was saving families and small businesses money.”

Republican platform abandons core conservative values


Contact: Brian Kaiser, Director of Public Relations, OEC Action Fund

bkaiser@theoec.org 614-408-5084

CLEVELAND, OH - The Republican Party passed the Republican Platform today at the Republican National Convention. The platform represents a retreat from the legacy of conservation that the party once proudly embraced and includes numerous provisions that are out of step with the American public.

Among the anti-conservation provisions included in the platform is language aimed at killing the life-saving clean power plan, opening our parks and natural areas to exploitive drilling and logging, and reversing the progress that has been made forging an international climate treaty.

In response to the adoption of the platform, the OEC Action Fund issued the following statement.

“There was a time when conservative politics and environmental conservation went hand in hand. Yesterday’s adoption of the 2016 Republican Platform at the RNC shows the party no longer subscribes to the basic conservative tenets of personal responsibility, living within our means, or protecting our families.

If it did, it would work hard to address climate change, which threatens our families, our communities and our way of life. Today’s Republican Party and its platform shows its more concerned with growing the wealth of big polluters than protecting the health of our families.

From climate change to clean energy, the Grand Old Party has turned its back on Ohio’s families and doesn’t represent the views or values of most Ohioans.” 

Aryeh Alex, Director of the OEC Action Fund

OEC Action Fund Director Issues Statement on Trump Visit to Ohio


COLUMBUS, OH - Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump held a campaign event today in St. Clairsville, Ohio. In advance of the event, OEC Action Fund Director, Aryeh Alex issued the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s positions on energy and the environment. 

“Donald Trump’s erratic and divisive language is out of step with the values of most Ohioans. Instead of moving Ohio forward, a Trump presidency promises to reverse the progress we’ve made advancing a clean energy economy and addressing climate change.  The Buckeye State is ready to lead America into the 21st Century but Trump’s temperament and lack of judgement puts Ohio’s families at risk and threatens the essential environmental protections that ensure the clean air and water our families depend on.” 

Aryeh Alex, OEC Action Fund Director

OEC Action Fund President Issues Statement on Economy and Environment

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke about her economic vision for the country today at a campaign event at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center in Columbus. The OEC Action Fund President, Heather Taylor-Miesle issued the following statement after the event.

“This is an incredibly important conversation and I’m glad Secretary Clinton is having it here in Ohio. The buckeye state has long been the backbone of America’s economy and today it is poised to lead the way with cutting-edge clean energy technology. This November, we will all have a serious choice to make - to elect a President that will foster innovation and create opportunities for all Americans to succeed or one who suggests the threat of climate change is a fairy tale and wants to block efforts to build a clean energy economy.”

-Heather Taylor-Miesle, President, OEC Action Fund

OEC Action Fund Issues Statement on Gov. Kasich's Withdrawal from Presidential Contest

Columbus, OH - Gov. John Kasich today announced he is withdrawing from 2016 Presidential contest. The OEC Action Fund released the following statement in response to this announcement.

“On the Presidential campaign trail, Governor Kasich was outspoken in his support for common sense clean energy policies and the importance of preserving our Great Lake Erie. We agree wholeheartedly with Gov. Kasich that protecting our environment and growing our economy are not mutually exclusive and we look forward to working with him to put those words into action.”

Heather Taylor-Miesle, President of the OEC Action Fund

LCV Action Fund Endorses Ted Strickland for U.S. Senate

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund, which works to elect candidates who will implement sound environmental policies, today announced its endorsement of former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland for U.S. Senate. Through a long and distinguished career in public office, Strickland has fought to grow Ohio’s clean energy economy and is committed to addressing the climate crisis. 

“With all the progress we’ve made on clean energy and climate change over the past six months, it is more clear than ever that the people of Ohio deserve an ally like Ted Strickland in the U.S. Senate,” said LCV Action Fund Vice President of Government Affairs Sara Chieffo. “As Governor, Ted Strickland fought for policies that harnessed Ohio’s manufacturing expertise to grow the state’s clean energy economy, creating jobs and reducing harmful pollution.”

“In the more than twenty years I have known Ted Strickland, I've seen him work tirelessly to find responsible, common sense approaches that preserve our environment and strengthen our economy,” said Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund President Heather Taylor-Miesle.  “Governor Strickland knows that a strong clean energy economy, a healthy and vibrant Lake Erie, and a solution to the climate crisis is critical for Ohio's future.”

"I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund,” said Strickland. “As governor, I was proud to bring one of the most ambitious renewable and advanced energy standards in the nation to Ohio — creating jobs, bringing predictable electricity rates to businesses and residents, and helping to tackle the challenge of catastrophic climate change. The clean energy industry presents a tremendous source of opportunity for Ohio, and I believe it can help lead to an economic renewal in areas like where I grew up in Appalachia that have been hurt by a variety of market forces in the energy industry.  In the U.S. Senate, I will continue my efforts to position our communities to benefit from all this new economy will bring—more jobs, lower electricity rates, and better public health.” 

As Governor, Strickland advocated for and signed into law the state’s renewable portfolio standard, calling for 25 percent of the state’s energy to be produced by advanced energy by 2025. By 2010, the state was ranked second in solar production and continued to be a top-five state for “green energy” production.  These efforts led to 25,000 new advanced-energy manufacturing jobs.  Furthermore, on the campaign trail, he has called for a regional approach to help Ohio’s Appalachian communities take advantage of new opportunities in the clean energy economy.

During his tenure in Congress, Strickland served on the Energy and Commerce Committee and cast important votes against additional oil and gas drilling, in favor of clean air and water protections and to address the challenge of climate change.  

Strickland is featured on LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen website, the only bundling website devoted exclusively to raising money for environmental champions for federal office.


Paid for by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and authorized by Strickland for Senate.

New Organization to Empower Ohioans to Protect Our Environment

Innovative Partnership to Hold Elected Officials Accountable - Elevate Environmental Issues

Ohio's environment will have a bold new champion with the launch today of the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund (OECAF). This new organization will hold decision makers accountable, put environmental issues front and center in the electoral process, and change the political dynamics that shape environmental policy making in Ohio.

"Ohioans want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink but party politics and industry influence dominate the Statehouse. It’s time to build the environmental movement in this state and demand our lawmakers act to benefit the health of our communities and environment" said Heather Taylor-Miesle, President of the OEC Action Fund.

The OECAF will work closely with the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) through an innovative partnership that will combine the power and resources of a national organization, with the community connections, knowledge, and long-term approach of a state-based group.

This bold new effort will create enduring, meaningful power that changes the dynamics around environmental policies in Ohio by:

  • Building infrastructure and programs that will yield immediate gains while building long term power.
  • Utilizing all of the tools available to make environmental issues less partisan by strategically deploying positive and negative accountability.
  • Bringing on experienced political strategists with proven track records to manage the organization and its campaigns. 

"Smart policies require smart politics," said Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters. "The OEC Action Fund has brought in top talent with a reputation for getting results, a strong political background, and deep commitment to environmental protection."

Gerrymandered districts and significant investments from out of state groups mean hyper political rhetoric that doesn’t accurately reflect the will of the majority of Ohioans.  As a result, change has been stagnant as money from the opposition inundates the public message.  Change will only come by building public support, deploying smart, effective strategies, and by engaging in a bipartisan way. 

"Ohio is essential and must lead on the issues that matter. The OEC Action Fund will work to build power in the Midwest, and restore environmental protection as a fundamental value of America’s heartland" said Aryeh Alex, Director of the OEC Action Fund.