Statement ahead of Ohio House Vote on House Bill 6

Columbus, OH — The Ohio House is expected to vote on House Bill 6 (HB 6) at a session scheduled for Tuesday, July 23.

In advance of the vote, the following quote can be attributed in full or part to Trish Demeter, Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund advocate:

“House Bill 6 (HB 6) if enacted, will increase Ohio’s carbon emissions, put more Ohioans’ health at risk, and threaten over 112,000 jobs of Ohioans working in the clean energy sector. Instead of caving to the influence of corporate utilities and outside special interests, lawmakers should stand up for the health and well-being of Ohio families by voting against this disastrous bill.

“Neighboring states are moving toward a more sustainable, clean energy future as they double down on a path towards more diversified energy portfolios. HB 6 will set Ohio backwards as it cuts incentives for renewable energy projects and energy efficiency standards, and bails out antiquated nuclear and coal facilities, sticking Ohioans with dirtier air and higher utility bills.

“Should lawmakers turn their backs on their constituents and vote in favor of the bill, the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund calls on Gov. Mike DeWine to veto the bill in its entirety due to the harm it will do to our health and our economy, especially as it exacerbates the problem of climate change.

“The OEC Action Fund stands firm on its commitment to do extensive public education on the content of this bill and both the House and Senate votes on this legislation due to its adverse impact to Ohio’s environment and the health of Ohioans.”

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and the health of all Ohio communities. We will continue to fight for Ohio’s access to clean water, healthy air, vibrant public lands and a strong democracy.