Statement on Ohio House Delay of House Bill 6

Columbus, OH — Although the Ohio Senate passed House Bill 6 (HB 6), the House adjourned without a concurrence vote yesterday evening. The House is expected to take up the matter again Aug. 1.

In response, the following quote can be attributed in full or part to Trish Demeter, Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund advocate:

“The House Bill 6 (HB 6) process has been convoluted from the start and we once again saw that play out last night. While a majority of Ohio Senators voted in favor of corporate utilities and Wall Street investors at the expense of Ohioans, the Ohio House of Representatives did not muster the votes to get this bad bill over the finish line. 

“The longer it is drawn out, the clearer it becomes that this legislation puts Ohio on the wrong track, and that the process used to muscle it through is broken. Due to the fact that it has taken millions of dollars on public campaign tactics and lobbyists, it is clear that this bill is not moving forward on the merits of the policy changes proposed. Outside special interests continue to influence lawmakers, ensuring that corporate investors benefit, all while sticking Ohioans with dirtier air and higher utility bills.

“The OEC Action Fund stands firm on its commitment to do extensive public education on the content of this bill and both the House and Senate votes on this legislation due to its adverse impact to Ohio’s environment and the health of Ohioans.”