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Governor Kasich’s State of the State wades into Lake Erie issues, is shallow on details

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund’s President, Heather Taylor-Miesle, issued the following statement today in response to Governor Kasich’s State of the State address from Sandusky, OH.

"Tonight, we heard Governor Kasich start his State of the State address by recalling childhood memories on the majestic Lake Erie. He nodded to the state’s new Sandusky Bay Initiative, which is an innovative local solution to help clean up our Great Lake. With the Lake as the backdrop, there was no better time or place to place conservation and public health issues center stage.

“Under Gov. Kasich’s leadership, Ohio has made strides to protect and restore Lake Erie, but Ohio has yet to take the bold action needed to end Lake Erie’s toxic algae plague. I call on Governor Kasich to urge state lawmakers to get serious about curbing agricultural runoff pollution. Pollution from industrial farms is the leading cause of toxic algae. We know the problem. Our leaders must step up to fix it.

“At the federal level, President Donald Trump has proposed an EPA budget that completely eliminates Great Lakes restoration and protection funding. The OEC Action Fund, and the Ohioans who depend on Lake Erie for drinking water and jobs call on the Governor to end these draconian cuts.

“Missing entirely from the Governor’s speech was any discussion of clean energy jobs. Gov. Kasich has been a champion for Ohio’s clean energy industry in the past, and has pledged to veto any attempts to repeal Ohio’s successful clean energy standards. With the Ohio House of Representatives’ recent passage of HB114, another attempt to gut Ohio’s clean energy progress, we need to hear where the Governor stands. If Gov. Kasich truly wants to see a diversified economy for the state, Ohio must put its open for business sign up for clean energy. "

Ohio House revives another desperate attempt to freeze clean energy standards

Columbus, OH - Today, in response to the introduction of House Bill 114 aimed at freezing Ohio’s renewable energy standards, the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund released the following statement:

“With the introduction of HB114, the Ohio House of Representatives is re-hashing failed attempts to thwart the renewable energy standards that Ohioans overwhelmingly support. Governor Kasich vetoed very similar legislation in HB554 last year and has continued to advocate for the standards to remain in place. Ohio needs to be a leader in the energy revolution that is sweeping the world instead of debating legislation that is dead on arrival.”



Clean Energy Advocates Heat Up Efforts to Thaw Ohio’s Freeze on Renewable, Energy Efficiency Standards

Clean Energy Advocates Heat Up Efforts to Thaw Ohio’s Freeze on Renewable, Energy Efficiency Standards

A coalition of environmental groups and clean energy advocates are working together to send a strong message to the Ohio Legislature: “Thaw the freeze because Ohioans are watching.” Paid messages have covered billboards, radio, social and print media.

Already the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund has a high-profile billboard at

Broad and State streets sending the message to elected officials in the Ohio Statehouse:

OEC Action Fund Director Issues Statement on Trump Visit to Ohio


COLUMBUS, OH - Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump held a campaign event today in St. Clairsville, Ohio. In advance of the event, OEC Action Fund Director, Aryeh Alex issued the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s positions on energy and the environment. 

“Donald Trump’s erratic and divisive language is out of step with the values of most Ohioans. Instead of moving Ohio forward, a Trump presidency promises to reverse the progress we’ve made advancing a clean energy economy and addressing climate change.  The Buckeye State is ready to lead America into the 21st Century but Trump’s temperament and lack of judgement puts Ohio’s families at risk and threatens the essential environmental protections that ensure the clean air and water our families depend on.” 

Aryeh Alex, OEC Action Fund Director

OEC Action Fund President Issues Statement on Economy and Environment

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke about her economic vision for the country today at a campaign event at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center in Columbus. The OEC Action Fund President, Heather Taylor-Miesle issued the following statement after the event.

“This is an incredibly important conversation and I’m glad Secretary Clinton is having it here in Ohio. The buckeye state has long been the backbone of America’s economy and today it is poised to lead the way with cutting-edge clean energy technology. This November, we will all have a serious choice to make - to elect a President that will foster innovation and create opportunities for all Americans to succeed or one who suggests the threat of climate change is a fairy tale and wants to block efforts to build a clean energy economy.”

-Heather Taylor-Miesle, President, OEC Action Fund

OEC Action Fund Issues Statement on Gov. Kasich's Withdrawal from Presidential Contest

Columbus, OH - Gov. John Kasich today announced he is withdrawing from 2016 Presidential contest. The OEC Action Fund released the following statement in response to this announcement.

“On the Presidential campaign trail, Governor Kasich was outspoken in his support for common sense clean energy policies and the importance of preserving our Great Lake Erie. We agree wholeheartedly with Gov. Kasich that protecting our environment and growing our economy are not mutually exclusive and we look forward to working with him to put those words into action.”

Heather Taylor-Miesle, President of the OEC Action Fund