Ohio's Clean Energy Future is in Jeopardy

The newest version of HB 114 that is pending in the Ohio Senate makes great strides fixing overly-burdensome regulations on wind farms that have stifled wind energy for years, but unfortunately, this good step forward is being taken at the expense of Ohio's renewable and efficiency standards that we've fought hard over the years to protect.

Ohioans have proved that clean energy is here to stay and families and businesses want policies that create the best environment for new, and bigger, investments in clean energy. But, HB 114 includes a provision called the "mercantile opt-out" which creates special exemptions for big corporations like Marathon Oil, but would increase the electric bills of Ohio families and small businesses. 

We can have it all, which is why our lawmakers should act fast to fix investment-stifling regulations on wind farms, but to not simultaneously give special deals to big corporations at the expense of hardworking Ohioans.  Your action to protect clean energy in the state is absolutely critical in paving the way for a clean energy future in Ohio. Tell your Ohio Senator to reject the "mercantile opt-out" in House Bill 114.