Ask your Senator to keep funding for Ohio’s Environment in the State Operating Budget!

Ohio’s operating budget determines the funding for many state programs and agencies that protect our air, land, and water. The Ohio House recently approved a fantastic budget proposal and now we need your help in urging our Senators to maintain it!

Here’s a few key things we are urging the senate to keep in the budget:

  • Investing $47 million to purchase almost half of the 60,000-acre AEP ReCreation Land. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would preserve precious public lands for generations to come!

  • Reinstating the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves that will make Ohio's nature preserves a priority, and protect plant and wildlife for years to come.

  • Allocating more than $50 million in the next two years for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to plug orphan wells. These inactive wells can leak dangerous pollutants into our atmosphere and water sources.

And here’s a few key things we’re asking them to add in:

  • A fully funded program, called H2O that will be used to address toxic algae cleanup in our waterways. Although the House maintained some of the funding, we want to see a full $900 million dedicated to the effort to solve this crisis.

  • An amendment to fix a loophole that denies first responders access to a list of chemicals used in oil and gas operations when dealing with spills or contaminations.

Reach out to your Senator today and ask them to include these essentials in the operating budget!