Ask Your Lawmakers to OPPOSE House Bill 6!

House Bill 6 is disguised as a "Clean Air Bill" but in fact, it contains language that would eliminate the two most important standards that Ohio relies on to build clean energy—the renewable energy and efficiency standards--and creates new subsidies that would go directly toward funding Ohio's two nuclear power plants. And the bill has gone from bad to worse--the newest amendments to the bill add another subsidy to bailout two coal plants--one of which isn’t even in Ohio!

The “Clean Air” bill leaves renewable energy and energy efficiency projects out of the mix. So, while this bill claims that it will reduce air pollution, it does nothing of the sort--it really only ensures that Ohio's carbon pollution gets worse! With the most recent amendments to House Bill 6, the new version is even worse than the original.

This dangerous bill will hurt our economy as well. By undoing the clean energy standards, Ohio risks jeopardizing a booming industry. In fact, clean energy and energy efficiency are supporting more than 112,000 jobs and counting in Ohio and we want to protect them!

We need legislation that builds upon the growth of the clean energy industry, not tears it down and gives Ohioans’ money to aging infrastructure and dirty energy. Ask your lawmaker to VOTE NO on House Bill 6 and protect our health, economy, and environment for generations to come!