Fix Wind Setbacks Once and For All

For four years, wind energy has been at a standstill in Ohio. While other states have been getting ahead — creating new jobs and benefitting from valuable new tax revenue — Ohioans stand to miss out on $4.2 billion in investment from companies that will expand wind projects in the Buckeye State.

In 2014, Ohio lawmakers added an eleventh-hour amendment to a state budget bill that dramatically changed the rules for where wind turbines could be built in the state. This one move effectively blocked opportunities for Ohio’s businesses, our skilled workforce, and rural communities. As a result, Ohio has been falling behind in one of the fastest growing sectors of our nation’s economy — clean energy — and our over-reliance on polluting sources of energy continues.   

It’s time for a course correction to get Ohio back on track. Starting now, state lawmakers have a chance to cut the red tape on wind energy, and fix the wind setback laws once and for all. Legislation has been introduced in both chambers to enact common-sense wind setback requirements, which would open Ohio up for new business, jumpstart stalled wind projects, help our economy, and protect our health.

Ohio’s wind energy economy has stagnated long enough. Tell your lawmakers to pass a solution for wind setbacks today. We don’t have any more time to waste!