Don’t Make Ohio Homeowners Foot the Bill for Big Corporations: Reject the Mercantile Opt-Out in HB 114

Ohio’s energy efficiency standards benefit everyone. As electric utilities invest in programs that help homeowners and businesses save energy, we all reap the rewards of lower utility bills, more jobs for Ohioans, and reductions in air pollution. It’s a simple idea: we all help cut energy waste, we all enjoy the benefits.

But if some big corporate interests get their way, a new loophole will be enacted by Ohio lawmakers that would undercut all these benefits delivered to Ohio families and communities.  The Mercantile Opt-Out in House Bill 114 would allow big corporations to receive the benefits of energy efficiency without paying their fair share, leaving small businesses and families to foot the bill.

Some lawmakers may be ready to support this legislation, choosing to create special loopholes for special interests rather than stand up for Ohio consumers, particularly those that can least afford higher energy bills.

Not only is it likely that utility bills go up, but progress on clean energy development would suffer. Ohio would miss out on thousands of good-paying jobs in the energy efficiency sector,, and healthcare costs associated with poor air quality from the fossil fuel industry would rise. If approved, the opt-out could lead to $6 billion in additional energy and health costs over the next decade.

Urge your lawmakers to reject the Mercantile Opt-Out in HB 114 and put Ohioans first, not big corporations.